Nany’s Corner


Fall Fun

September will bring the end of summer – that can really be a bummer!

Now autumn brightly dawns anew and brings a bit of fun for you!

Its apple time and fairs galore – a time for hotdog roasts and s’mores,

So wear a smile as the season enters to greet the shorter days of splendor.

Thank you, God for summer past and rejoice in autumn fun and tasks!




September Family Fun Ideas:


Visit an apple orchard.  Learn about and taste different kinds of apples.


Enjoy a southern Indiana apple festival. Check locations on line.


Read a book about Johnny Appleseed. Discuss what he brought to our country.


Learn how and when to plant an apple tree. What a delicious addition to your home!


Bake and eat a great apple pie together. It is a good time to learn how to measure and follow a recipe!  I use tart apples with lots of cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg. It is so good served warm with a nice glass of cold milk or vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!


Have fun this beautiful month!


Love, Nany

LApple Tree with Apple Basket