Science Fair

2011 - 2012 CWPSA 046


Curtis Wilson Primary School and Academy Students will participate in a Science Fair on April 24th.  During this grand inquiry into the truths of science, the kindergarten students will learn the scientific method while conducting experiments in class.  At the science fair, they will dress up and perform for the participants and spectators.  The 1st through 6th grade students will be hypothesizing about various topics, individually.  Although each class will have individual requirements, all students will follow the scientific method to answer a specific question.


All students in grades 1 through 6 will be required to have a tri-fold display board to exhibit.  They will need to have the results of the experimentation and should either be able to reproduce the experiment for guests or have pictures of their process if they did something such as grow mold or a plant.  Although your child’s teacher will send specific information about the requirements for his or her presentation, all students must include the following information on his or her display board:










Students may dress in the theme of their projects or present a professional image by wearing a collared shirt and slacks.


Dust off your beakers and get ready for the joy of discovery!